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A full and comprehensive range of plumbing & and gas services, ensuring compliance with Health and Safety & legal requirements.

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Your Local Plumbing Specialists

Even the smallest of issues with your plumbing system has the potential to cause irreparable damage at your property. At Themes Air & Water Tech, in the Thames Valley Area, we have a team of plumbers who deal with all types of systems and installations. We supply and fit a selection of water softeners while also designing, supplying, and installing brand-new bathrooms.

Softening Your Water

Water is filled with many minerals, some of which cause it to be hard. With such a high mineral content, hard water causes scale to build up in taps and appliances, which can lead to blockages. Cleanse your water and remove the trouble-causing minerals with our water softeners and conditioners. Supplied and installed by our team, the systems will eliminate hard water on taps, boilers, hot water tanks, washing machines, and all domestic appliances.


Bring Your Dream Bathroom to Life

Create a tranquil room that is perfect for relaxation with a new bathroom from Themes Air & Water Tech. We have extensive experience in the entire process and will work with you throughout the conception, design, installation, and maintenance of your new bathroom. Every aspect of the job will be organised by us, including the suites, tiling, plastering, and decorating.


Hot Water Delivery Systems

All of our engineers are trained and qualified to work with any hot water delivery system. This covers everything, including instantaneous water producers, such as boilers, main unvented systems, such as Megaflos, and standard open-vent hot water delivery units.


Fitting Systems in a New Extension

When adding an extension to a property, it is important to consider the interior systems that are required. Our engineers are able to give advice on the best heating installations and hot and cold water systems for your new extension. Additionally, our team have extensive knowledge of replacing entire systems in the local area.


Supplying and Fitting Quality Heating Systems in and around the Thames Valley Area

In the cold depths of winter, coming home to a warm and welcoming property is a joy. At Themes Air & Water Tech, in the Thames Valley Area, our plumbing and heating engineers specialise in supplying and fitting boilers and underfloor heating systems. As well as installing these units, we also capably service and maintain boilers, sustaining your hot water supply.

Boiler Specialists

Make sure that you always have hot water at your property with the assistance of our boiler specialists. Using their vast expertise, our team expertly install, service, and maintain all boilers. Although we cover all manufacturers, we favour the use of Worcester™ boilers.

With any boiler, it is recommended that you have the unit checked and serviced annually. Our engineers will professionally service your unit to ensure that it meets the safety and efficiency standards laid out by the manufacturer and Gas Safe™. For your convenience, we carry a selection of spare parts with us at all times, allowing us to enact repairs on-site. Alongside boiler servicing, we also conduct power flushing to cleanse central heating systems.

Underfloor Heating

There is nothing more chilling than walking across a cold floor in bare feet. With underfloor heating, however, you will never have to experience the freeze again. At Themes Air & Water Tech, we can advise upon and design underfloor heating for any property. Whether you are looking for a retrofit or to include underfloor heating in a new build or extension, our experts can help. As underfloor heating becomes more and more popular, a variety of different products and components are flooding the market. Our team will guide you through them, helping you identify the most suitable components for your property.


Expertly Dealing with Gas Systems and Installations

Working with gas systems is inherently dangerous, and any work required should be completed by professionals. At Themes Air & Water Tech, in the Thames Valley Area, our engineers are registered to work with natural gas in both residential and commercial properties. This registration, along with many years of experience, means we can deal with anything from moving or extending a gas pipe to fitting new gas installations. Additionally, our engineers complete full gas safety inspections for landlords and domestic clients looking to buy or sell a property. At the completion of the inspection, a full report will be provided.


There is a huge amount of useful and easy to access information about gas safety at home on the Gas Safe website here.

Remember that if you ever smell gas in the home

  • DO NOT operate any electrical switches (turning on OR off)

  • DO NOT smoke

  • DO open external doors and windows

  • DO shut off the gas supply at your gas meter

  • DO call National Grid on 0800 111 999

Buying a new home? There are so many things to think about when buying a new property that gas safety may not be top of the list. Make sure you know what to look out for and how to ensure your new home is safe.  Call Themes Air & Water Tech and ask about our Home Buyers Report, which will give you an insight into the potential opportunities and pitfalls that the plumbing and heating systems in your new home might present.

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Power Flushing

Cleansing Your Central Heating System

Keep your central heating system functioning efficiently by cleaning and cleansing the pipework. At Themes Air & Water Tech, in the Thames Valley Area, our engineers use the finest equipment to complete thorough central heating power flushing. With clean pipework, your central heating will warm your home more effectively and reduce your energy bills in the process. 

What Power Flushing Is

With daily use, all year around, everything has its limits. Central heating systems endure a lot of wear and tear and often experience a build-up of sludge, debris, and magnetite. This places your boiler at an increased risk of a breakdown and can result in your heating system working inefficiently or failing completely.

Power flushing is the only effective option for removing almost all of this debris without replacing radiators or pipework altogether. A power flush machine has its own built-in pump, and when it is connected to your system, in place of the existing pump, a cleaning solution is circulated throughout the entire system. We aim to isolate radiators to ensure that all internal pipework is cleaned and that the radiators can run to their full potential. Additionally, power flushing will help your boiler to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Generally, there's no need to remove radiators during this procedure as, most of the time, the machine is sited outside.

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